Joanne was born and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her life path was forced to take a drastic change after she was diagnosed of an unforeseen medical condition shortly after turning 18 years old. Being an individual who always charts her future, the news from the specialist doctors just shattered Joanne's dreams and aspirations.
In the midst of sorting out her emotional roller-coaster during those dark stages of her life, she discovered the art of making soft toys by accident. To Joanne's surprise, the new discovery gave her comfort emotionally and mentally. Perhaps that's where the saying goes "Life has its way of working itself". So she acquired new skills and techniques from various needle craft to create more toys. Her toys were always greeted with ‘Oooouuu-s’ and ‘Aahhh-s’ from both young and old followed by positive feedback. Some of them even requested these toys to be made for themselves while some quietly sneak 1 or 2 toys home with them only to confess to Joanne later when guilt creeps upon them. Those responses and feedback became cheerleaders to Joanne to expand her hobby. She started creating clothes and accessories for her soft toys. In no time, it became a passion to not making toys alone but to fashion as well.
After graduating from her linguistics (French and German) qualifications as well as Chartered Marketing, her passion for fashion grew deeper. What more when she too grew up in an environment filled with fashion trends and style from her mother’s business. She took a huge leap and left for Paris to pursue her dreams of learning the art of fashion designing; specialising in haute couture. It was a priceless experience for her as she was blessed with countless opportunities to work with renowned haute couture houses, honing the tricks of trades of haute couture.
She returned home armed with valuable skills and drive to start her own label. It didn’t take her very long to decide that her brand will be offering designs for both men and pets. 
Hence, ‘P. Bee & Joanne®’ was born.